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Welcome to Red Door— come on in…
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We cover from south of Huntsville
to north of Nashville...
Your source for property
in Southern Tennessee
Your source for property
in Northern Alabama
Your source for nationwide
property searches
1058 Winchester Road •  Huntsville, AL 35811
3112 Huntsville Hwy  •  Fayetteville, TN 37334
Complaint Department
Welcome to the Red Door Real Estate
Agent Earnings Program
With Red Door, you get (1) a website in your name; (2) your own featured list; (3) all client contacts are direct and guaranteed to go to you; (4) a Facebook page with your searches; (5) no franchise fees; (6) no desk fees; (7) no technology fees (covers website, emails, facebook fan page); (8) free use of Alabama-Tennessee offices and conference areas; (9) we have in-house training; and (10) try our calculator— compare our split to your current agency.
We are locally owned ...come on in!
...for a private meeting, call 256.541.6316
Barbara Beyl, CEO/Owner
See how much you can earn:
Seller and Buyer Agent
Referrals (deduct 25%)
Property Price: $
Bronze Plan Earnings:
Silver Plan Earnings:
Gold Plan Earnings:
Gold Plan
  • For experienced and producing Agents
  • As buyer or seller Agent:
    • 85-15% split for properties under $110,000
    • $495 for properties over $110,000
  • As "both" buyer and seller Agent:
    • 90-10% split for properties under $130,000
    • $780 for properties over $130,000
  • Calculate how a referral (25%) affects split below
Silver Plan
  • For Agents that are comfortable with a few sales per year
  • If you bring properties from previous agencies, they will follow Gold Plan
  • Easily move up to "Gold"
  • Straight 80-20% across all sales
Bronze Plan
  • For inexperienced Agents
  • Easily move to a new plan once you become experienced
  • Straight 70-30% across all sales